Session formats

Workshops or symposiums are both 90 minutes long and expected to engage the audience. Symposiums are expected to have 2 short presentations followed by  discussion.

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08:45 - 09:30

Registration (Quad)




Vice-chancellor Professor Tim Blackman



09:30 – 10:20

The changing HE landscape: implications for your teaching practices

Helen King, Senior Policy Advisor for Learning and Teaching Development, HEFCE

10:30 – 12:00

Parallel sessions

Conference strand: Diversity as a resource for student success

Session 1


Conceptualizing, listening and supporting students across diverse gender identities

Professor Trish Hafford-Letchfield, Professor in Social Care; Alfonso Pezzell, Associate Lecturer in Mental Health; Rebecca Manning, Middlesex Alumni; Laura Cole, Research Assistant, King's College London

Session 2


Reflections from Delivering a Criminology Module in HMP Wandsworth Prison

Jenni Ward, Senior Lecturer in Criminology

‘I Am A Magazine’: diversity in a large scale collaborative, interdisciplinary, self-directed learning project

Peter Thomas, Senior Lecturer in Academic Writing and Language; Gavin Fernandes, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Communication and Styling

Conference strand:  Employability in the hourglass: preparing students for lifelong employability

Session 3


Giving our students the best chance: evaluation and critical scrutiny of key module design and content to enhance student employability within the science, business and performing arts world

Nick Kassouf, Technical Tutor Biomedical Science; Eleonora Pantano, Lecturer in Marketing; Lauren Patman, Technician (Stage Management)

Preparing students for lifelong employability within nursing: Experiences of programme development and delivery

Marion Taylor, Director of Programmes-Nursing; Professor Kay Caldwell, Head of Institute of Nursing Midwifery and Social Work

Session 4


Enhancing student employability confidence

Simon Roberts, Director of PG Leadership, Work & Organisation Programmes (Business School)

Students’ work aspirations among employed/ unemployed students and the link between aspirations and employability

Dr Sumeetra Ramakrishnan, Senior Lecturer in International Tourism & Hospitality

Session 5


STEP: Strengthening Team-based Education in Practice

Kathy Wilson, Associate Professor; Pam Hodge, Lecturer in Practice Learning; Julie Moody, Senior Lecturer (Practice) Adult Nursing

Conference strand:  Navigating uncertainty with data

Session 6


Advancing education beyond the audit; preparing students for life choices in the age of neoliberalism

Susan Scott-Hunt, Associate Professor in Law; Renu Barton-Hanson, Acting Director of Programmes for Law; Dr Elvira Domínguez-Redondo, Associate Professor; Dr Maureen Spencer, Associate Professor in Law

‘Eduveillance’: re-imagining the Age of Bentham’s Chrestomatic-Panopticon

Professor Balbir Barn, Deputy Dean, Science and Technology

Session 7


How to beat fake news: advanced verifiability skills with Wikimedia

Stefan Lutschinger, Associate Lecturer in Digital Publishing

Conference strand:  Technologies for teaching/technologies for learning

Session 8


Student-generated questions and volunteering experience are effective tools for participatory learning in STEM subjects

Massimiliano Marvasi, Senior Lecturer in Microbiology

Session 9


Students in the driver’s seat – using innovative real-time feedback mechanisms

Georgios Dafoulas, Associate Professor, Computer Science; Martin Loomes, PVC, Executive Dean Faculty of Science and Technology; Cristiano Maia, Graduate Academic Assistant, Computer Science

12:00 – 13:00

Lunch (Quad)

Workshops taking place during the lunch break

(lunch provided in the room)

Contract Cheating’: an overview of perspectives (academic, student) exploring ways to detect and alleviate contract cheating, considering the roles of registry and technology

Matthew Lawson,  Deputy Director of Library and Student Support and Head of Library and Learning Enhancement; Adam Edwards, Library Liaison Manager; Sue Bailey, Deputy Academic Registrar; Venetia Brown, Director of Programmes - Post Qualifying Nursing, Child Health; Jordan Lewis, Middlesex University Students' Union

‘If you were me and I were you`

Dr Doirean Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management




13:00 - 13:50

What is employability?

Johnny Rich, Higher Education Specialist

14:00 – 15:30

Parallel sessions

Conference strand: Diversity as a resource for student success

Session 10


Surviving life in the NHS: study well, build resilience, stay healthy, make a difference

Jo Killingley, Senior Lecturer Midwifery; David Westley, Director of Programmes Psychology

Registered nurses with dyslexia: strategies for success in lifelong learning

Rachael Major, Honorary Lecturer, Institute of Health and Social Care Studies, Guernsey

Session 11


Developing student teachers’ skill and understandings of dialogue in primary Religious Education

Linda Whitworth, Senior Lecturer in Primary Teacher Education Citizenship & Religious Education

The accented curriculum: how to move beyond the anglophone-biased and Received Pronunciation (RP) curriculum design

Dr Katerina Loukopoulou, Senior Academic Developer

Conference strand: Employability in the hourglass: preparing students for lifelong employability

Session 12


Employability for professional practice through research

Maeve O’Loughlin, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Safety & Health

Session 13


‘Skilled worker does not mean stupid’: why we need to articulate skills as essential in HE for employability

Professor Martin Loomes, PVC, Executive Dean Faculty of Science and Technology; Dr Celia Bell, Head of Department Natural Sciences; Professor Mehmet Karamanoglu, Head of Department Design, Engineering and Mathematics,

Session 14


Communities of learning: supporting individuality and belonging

Liz Beasley, Senior Lecturer in Education (Practice); Shirley Allen, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies; Phil Barter, Associate Professor (Practice) in Learning and Teaching

Conference strand: Navigating uncertainty with data

Session 15


Capturing uncertainty: learning, research, teaching

Professor William Wong, Professor Computing Science; Professor Ifan Shepherd, Professor GeoBusiness; Dr Sylvia Gottschalk, Finance, Director of Finance Programmes Professor Mandeep Dhami, Professor in  Decision Psychology; Lisa Marzano, Associate Professor in Psychology

John Watt, Associate Professor in Risk Management; Dr Chris Rooney, Researcher Visual Analytics; Dr Neesha Kodagoda, Operations Manager & Senior Researcher Visual Analytics

Session 16


'Unpaid Britain': an interdisciplinary and empirical study on the labour market, critical employability and the student experience

Nick Clark, Research Assistant, Business School; Sophie Knowles, Programme Leader Journalism; Valeria Graziano, Research Fellow, Art and Design Institute

Conference strand: Technologies for teaching/technologies for learning

Session 17


Thinking outside the blocks: employing the principles of Lego Serious Play as a learning technology to facilitate team building tasks

Alan Wheeler, Liaison Librarian

Session 18


‘Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.’ The use of Socrative technology to gather feedback on the student learning experience

Sukhbinder Barn, Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Prezi as an inclusive learning tool

Dr Maja Simunjak, Lecturer in Journalism

15:40 – 16:15

Plenary and closing remarks (CG77)