Session 3

Giving our students the best chance:
evaluation and critical scrutiny of key module design and content to enhance student employability within the science, business and performing arts world

Nick Kassouf, Technical Tutor Biomedical Science, Middlesex University London
Eleonora Pantano, Lecturer in Marketing, Middlesex University London
Lauren Patman, Technician (Stage Management), Middlesex University London

Implementing problem-based learning to enhance analytical skills of our biomedical students. Novel module design in marketing innovation theory so graduates can manage the emerging technologies such as social media and mobile apps. A fresh approach to teaching within the Theatre Arts programme with an emphasis on technical theatre.

Key words:
Employability, problem-based learning, critical analysis, problem solving, biomedical science, research.

Innovation theory, module design, marketing students, threshold concepts, students.

Performing arts, theatre arts, technical theatre, entertainment industry.